Reef One Biorb Easy Plants

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Brief description:
Set of two decorative plants – one medium length and one long – with a wintry look. Recommended to create a cold wintery “look” for your tank. The plants are plastic material, with a lot of effort put into design so they resemble natural plants very well.

The pack is produced by Reef One – the manufacturer of the well known brand round-shaped aquariums aquariums biOrb.

Realistic design. Ceramic base resembling a small round garden pot allows easy placement and moving around inside the tank. The foliage combines pastel green and white to provide a wintry look. Can serve as good hideout if aggressive and peaceful species live in the same tank. Different lenghts, so you can use them in different size tanks or in different scenarios inside the same tank.

Gently clean in fresh water to remove any possible traces of dust before introducing the plants inside the aquarium. The ceramic base will not allow them to float around and will add to the beauty of the tank.

If the tank has been successfully cycled, cleaning the plants should not be a real issue. However, just in case you do decide to clean them, do it during regular water change and using cycled water. Handle with care, especially if you have already owned the item for some time now.


Ceramic base for easy handling. Excellent quality visible to the naked eye when compared to other plastic plants. Suitable for large and medium sized tanks, from 20 gallons up.


Become really fragile after a year or so of use. Pay special attention during cleaning not to damage them.