Plastic Aquarium Fish Tank Decor Coral, 9-Inch, Red

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Brief description:
This is an artificial fish tank decoration, perfectly reproducing the looks of a coral. Manufactured from plastic, it is suitable for larger capacity tanks – both salt and sweet water.

Red colored, spectacular effect in adequate lighting, this artificial coral is a beautiful decorating item. Measuring 11.4 by 9 inches (width x height) seen from upfront, it is actually quite flat when seen from the side, so it won’t take huge amount of space in your tank.

Comes with ceramic made base which imitates the design of a see-bed stone and measures 2.4 by 1.8 inches (lenght x width). The stone looks and feels porous, for improved realism, and is weighted in order to be able to anchor the coral on the bottom of the tank.

Can be trimmed like a bonsai tree to obtain interesting shapes or make it fit certain dimension tank.


Assemble the coral by introducing the stem into the appropriate whole on the support stone. Place it inside the aquarium as you see fit. Recommended use is as background object but really fantasy is the limit.

Regular cleaning during normal tank maintenance, using water from the tank, not fresh water. Decorations tend to become support for all sort of beneficial bacteria which contribute to the welfare of the tank as an ecosystem.


Safe for fish. Can be trimmed to suit smaller tanks. Good solution for people with no time to maintain a tank in detail but who enjoy owning one anyhow. Red color makes it easy to remark against appropriate background.


Painted red. So at some point, some quantity of an actually unknown substance will be inside your water tank.