Marina Decorative Gravel, 1-Pound, Blue

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Brief description:
Decorative gravel is used by both experienced and beginner tank owners for aquascaping purposes. It serves as a substrate for plants and the beneficial bacteria part of the tank’s ecosystem.

This gravel bag contains one pound – that’s about 450 grams – of blue colored gravel. The rule of thumb when buying gravel is one pound of gravel per each gallon of the tank. In case of a 6 gallons tank, you need about 6 pounds of gravel.

This brand of gravel is manufactured and marketed by Hagen Inc, a tradition US company established in 1955 which has grown to become one of the largest companies in the business.

Epoxy coated to achieve chemical inertia – this means it would not have any type of effect on the life inside the tank. Rounded corners to avoid damaging the skin of the fish. Pebbles are large enough not to be swallowed accidentally by fish. Blue colored – persistent color, which does not fade away after exposure to light.

Like all types of gravel, this one needs rinsing in water before being put into the aquarium. Do not pour the gravel directly inside the tank, especially if there are creatures living inside already. Doing so will avoid hurting some of the smaller individuals. Rather empty the tank, add the gravel on the bottom, decorate as you see fit and only afterward add livestock.

Gravel requires cleaning as part of the tank maintenance process. Use one of the special pumps able to aspirate the organic components on the bottom. Do not wash the gravel during regular tank cleaning, as this would destroy the beneficial bacteria ecosystem inside.


Chemically inert. Rounded corners to avoid injury. Suitable pebble size. Spectacular looking and resistant blue color.


The gravel seems to have just a bit of a weird smell, but it does wear off soon after rinsing.