Marina Betta Kit Decorative Gravel, Pink

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Brief description:
Small bag of pink colored gravel weighting 8.5 ounces or almost 250 grams. Recommended for use in tanks with betta fish.

Fine granularity. Pink color. Epoxy coated for durability and shine. Rounded corners to protect the fish. Substrate for beneficial bacteria. Safe for tank’s livestock.

Requires rinsing in clean water to eliminate very fine debris. Repeat until water remains clear. Place it on the bottom of the tank and use it for aquascaping purposes.

Gravel requires cleaning as part of the tank maintenance process. Use one of the special pumps able to aspirate the organic components on the bottom. Do not wash the gravel during regular cleaning, as it will destroy the beneficial bacteria ecosystem inside.


Colorful decorative accent when used in combination with other items to create contrast. Safe for fishes and plants.


Very small quantity compared to similar products.