Lesypet Artificial Coral Ornament For Aquarium Fish Tank, Red

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Brief description:
This is a silicone-made artificial fish tank ornament closely resembling Acan corals. Real Acan corals are quite popular among tank owners due to their color variety and fast growing rates. The ornament looks very nice both in salt and sweet water setups, but it is best suited for a salt water one. It weights 1.6 ounces or almost 50 grams, including the rocky base which anchors it on the bottom of the tank.

The product is sold by LesyPet – a China-based sourcing company set up in 2010, currently owning two pet stores, according to their website – www.lasypet.com

The ornament is available in blue, green and red. It is designed to look like several flowers growing together clustered on a piece of rock. Colors look great in natural light, but look even better in dark light.

Clean the ornament using water taken out from the tank before introducing it into the habitat. This water is already chemically balanced and you avoid this way introducing harmful elements elements inside the tank.

No real maintenance required for this ornament.


People like using it in betta tanks. Looks nice and decorates most tanks. Several color options. Cool look in dark light


There are instances of user mentioning the colors begin to fade after a few months. Apparently, because of the manufacturing process, the item has a strong odor which is difficult to totally get rid of. This coral ornament is very small - about half of a palm.