H2Show LED Light Blue

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Brief Description
The H2Show LED light is a decoration item for aquariums or terrariums, produced by Hydor, a company with 31 years experience in the field. The product is available in 5 color versions – blue, green, red, white and multicolor.

The decoration uses LED technology to provide a beautiful lighting effect for fish tanks or artificial habitats sheltering small wild animals.

The 2 Watts LED included produces a focused light beam with a spotlight effect, useful in highlighting other decorative or landscape elements in the tank or terrarium.

Arguably a matter of taste, the most spectacular of the 5 versions is the multi-color one, which changes colors at intervals 9 seconds.

If used for an aquarium, the light can be placed on the tank wall, both below or above water level, using the suction cup provided as part of the product.

The device is powered by an 110 volts, wall plug-able, AC transformer, with an output of 5 volts. LED technology is energy efficient, so the product will not add much to your electricity bill. The LED

Before installation, check that all components of the light are intact. Pay special attention to the electrical cord that will power the LED light – part of it will be submerged in the water, so it is essential that the isolation is perfect. Also, allow for a dripping loop.

Use the suction cup to place the light on one of the walls of the tank or on the bottom. Then manually adjust the light to focus the spotlight on the decorative element you wish to highlight.

An additional suction cup is provided to help keeping the electrical cord in a fixed position on the tank’s wall.

Any maintenance activity should take place after disconnecting the light from the electrical plug.
Although the light does not require special maintenance, it is recommended to check periodically for algae or other deposits that might cover the light and eliminate them by using a soft piece of cloth. Keep in mind NOT to use solvents or detergents of any kind, as particles may remain attached to the light during cleaning and get dissolved into tank water.


  • This fish-tank decorative light comes with a 24 months warranty granted by the manufacturer. Besides that, the user may also benefit the 30 days return period provided by Amazon.

    The manufacturer warranty does not cover damage produced by frost, furring, lime deposits or amateur attempts at repair work. The consumable materials and the parts subjected to wear and tear, that must be periodically replaced for normal maintenance of the device, are not covered by the warranty.


    Uses energy efficient LED technology. Multiple color versions. Highly versatile with multiple usage scenarios. Comes with 2 suction cups used for fixing light and power cord on tank wall. Does not favor algae development. Together with the Bubble Maker from the same brand one may get a dazzlingly-colored display of air bubbles.


    Focused beam, highlights a certain area of the tank only. Too bright for smaller tanks, under 6 gallons capacity. Happens rarely, but sometimes when used underwater device gets flooded.