Aquatic Topiary Packs – ( 3 Plants )

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This set of artificial plants is used for aquarium decoration. It includes three different-sized units and it is suitable for fish tanks with capacities from 8 to 16 gallons. All three decorations are manufactured from a soft rubber. The two smaller units contain magnets which anchors them to the bottom of the tank. They both measure 2.75 inches or 7 cm in width. The third unit is designed to float freely inside the tank, serving as possible hideout or just as an exotic tank decoration. It is 4.52 inches or 11.5 cm in width. The set is manufactured by biOrb, a US based company specialized in fist tank design and aquarium decorations.


Easy to place in the tank. Fast initial decoration, suitable for beginner-level tanks. Good hideout for small shy species.


Experiences exotic fish breeders warn the thin fin-like foliage could hurt the fish while they dart through the tank.