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Aquarium decorations are the best way to personalize your fish tanks and create a better environment for you fishes by creating the shelter they need to feel safer and less stressed. Choose from a large collection of ornaments like: Ruins, Statues, Volcanoes, Bubble Makers, Decorative Gravel, Ships, Corals, Rocks, Caves and many more. Whether you’ll choose a large or a small aquarium decoration for your fish tank, on Amazon.com you’ll find the cheap prices you needed while safely shopping online. Enjoy your time!

Why Buy Aquarium Decorations?

If you are a beginner aquarist, you might wonder about the need for aquarium ornaments at all. After all, without them the fish will have more room to swim. There are three very good reasons for decorating your tank, though:

  • 1. Fun. Being able to design your tank to reflect your personality and interests is one of the big draws of fishkeeping for many people.
  • 2. Aesthetics. Fish tanks are living works of art, and the ornaments help to create the perfect setting.
  • 3. The fish. Most species of fish fare better when they have an interesting habitat.

The Basics

There is an amazing variety of tank ornaments available, which you will quickly find when you begin your search. While any pet store will carry a selection, ordering online will give you access to many more decorations for a truly customized fish tank, often at discounted prices. In addition, buying on the Internet means you can view an ornament’s ratings from other consumers who have used it in their aquariums. These ratings can be invaluable when deciding what to purchase for your own tank, especially with the sheer numbers of decorations for sale.

Regardless of where you shop, decorative accessories fall into the same basic categories:


Rocks are one of the most common aquarium decorations, and can be found in all shapes and sizes. A simple tank design can consist of nothing more than a rock or two and some plants, which together provide a sufficient habitat for many fishes. Store-bought is not the only option; as long as they are cleaned properly first, you can add rocks you find outside to your tank as well, making these the cheapest decoration around.

Artificial Plants

Plants add to a natural look in a tank while providing a more interesting habitat for the fish and other animals that live there. There are hundreds of aquatic plant species, and artificial plants have been modeled after many of them. You can choose from fern plants, leafy plants, stem plants, plants with or without flowers, or others. The plants do not have to be green; bright colors like blue, pink and purple are also available. While live aquatic plants can be used in your aquarium, they require more upkeep than fake plants do. You do not have to worry about artificial plants dying, which can be easier for beginners.


Artificial corals will help your aquarium have a natural ocean look. Coral ornaments mimic the habitats of many fish species in nature and can provide hiding places for your fish, doing double duty as both an aesthetic and practical accessory. Because living coral comes in many different colors, you can find fake coral in nearly any color of the rainbow. This makes them great pieces to use to coordinate a theme and to make your tank bright and colorful.


For many types of fish, it is important to have enclosed places for them to hide. A cave can be built into other ornaments such as coral, or it can be stand-alone. They can also be themed: you can find caves that look like sharks, dragons or other animals; caves in skull, castle or pirate ship decorations; or caves designed from pop culture elements such as cartoon shows. If your tank is large enough, having more than one cave is a good idea.


Pirate ships and shipwrecks are a staple of aquariums due to their general popularity as well as their aquatic tie-in. There is an impressive range of these ornaments available, so if you want one for your tank, look around to find one that you really like before you buy.


Ruins are themed ornaments that can add a touch of history or mystery to your tank. Aquarium ruin decorations are designed to look like remnants of human civilization: a crumbling building, ancient urns or jars, decrepit castles, shipwrecks, or the remains of a long-forgotten city. Replicas of actual ruins are also popular; you could have fish swimming through the Roman Colosseum or other ancient architecture in your aquarium. Ruin ornaments are often used in themes to make your tank look like it is a piece of the ocean floor that has been there for thousands of years. These ornaments can also be helpful to your fish by providing hiding and resting places.


Statues are ornaments mostly used for themed aquariums. Like with ruins, statues can be modeled after things that exist in real life. They can also represent mythological or religious figures, or can simply be for fun.

Bubble Makers

It is essential that there is some sort of aeration in your tank, because fish need oxygen in the water to live. There are many accessories that can provide aeration, but ornamental bubble makers are the most fun. Popular types include treasure chests and clam shells that open and close from the bubbles, buildings with watermills that turn with the bubbles, and other moving decorations. A stationary bubble maker will do the job just as well, and there are enough options of either type to easily find one to fit the theme of your aquarium.


Gravel is one of the types of substrate that can be used in an aquarium. Substrate is the material that covers the bottom of the tank, and it serves important functions within the aquarium’s ecosystem. There are a lot of options available for gravel including size, materials, and color. The important thing is for it to look good and to be safe for your fish. This means it should not be sharp and should not have harmful dyes or chemicals.


Another popular substrate is sand, which can be better for certain types of fish that like to bury down in the substrate. Sand can also be found in different colors, though the more radical colors may not be as readily available. Whether gravel, sand or a combination is right for your tank will depend on the kinds of fish you wish to keep as well as how you want your tank to look.

Aquarium Backgrounds

While it is easy to get caught up in designing the inside of your tank, make sure you don’t forget about the background. Since tanks are clear, you will be able to see straight through to the other side and the open space or wall behind your tank. You might not mind this, especially if you are going for a minimalist tank design. However, a good, theme-appropriate background can be an inexpensive way make your tank look even better. Nature-inspired backgrounds showing coral reefs and aquatic plants are especially popular, but feel free to be creative with your tank’s background.

Picking a Theme for Your Aquarium

You have complete creative license with your aquarium. If you want to simply order the decorations you like the best and place them in your tank, go for it. The haphazard approach can create some striking aquariums, but for many aquarists the true visual potential of a tank can only be realized through the use of themes. A theme is a way to tie the whole tank together and make each piece seem essential to the overall design.

To come up with a theme, first ask yourself which is more important to you: the species of fish you will keep, or the tank decorations you can use. Each one can limit the other, because some fish will need certain types of accessories in their habitats and might do better without certain other types. If you already know what species of fish you are interested in, research them to see what their habitat needs are and plan your tank design accordingly. Otherwise, you can get your tank set up and then find out which fishes will be best suited for it.

Next is the decision of whether to go with a tank modeled after the real world or something a bit more fun. Natural tanks are full of rocks, coral, and plants, with maybe an occasional diver, ship, or sea serpent ornament to spice things up. With all of the options in nature-inspired decorations, though, there is plenty of room for creativity if you choose this route.

A fun theme should still have everything the fish need, but many of the decorations are nothing you would find in a body of water. Theme ideas can come from anything: an interest or hobby, a favorite TV show, a favorite celebrity, or something as simple as a color. If you find a decoration you particularly like, you can build around it.

Write down ideas for your theme and refer to the list as you search for decorations. If you still need an idea, looking at your options can help to spark something. Themed tanks done by other aquarists can be a great way to get ideas. There are contests for tank decorating, and seeing the winners of a contest will show you the potential that is out there for home aquariums. You might be so inspired by a tank you see that you want to copy the design, but it’s more fun to take that inspiration and use it make your tank a reflection of your own ideas than to directly copy someone else’s.

Choosing the Right Decorations

The right decorations for any tank keep two important things in mind: what the fish need, and what the fishkeeper wants. Since an aquarium should be first and foremost a habitat for living creatures, the fish’s needs come first. When you choose ornaments for your tank, make sure they are safe for fish. Any decoration sold by a pet store either in person or online should be safe, but follow any instructions that come with it for placing it in the tank. Make sure your fish have places to hide and things to swim through, under and around. Aeration in the water is a necessity, whether through bubble-making ornaments or some other method. Research the needs of your particular fish species to see which substrate you should use and to find out any other habitat requirements.

After these two main considerations are others, the first of which is the size of your tank. Large decorations can dwarf a small tank and take up space for the fish, while small decorations in a giant tank will look insufficient and out of place. Next is the type of water in your tank; materials react differently to saltwater and freshwater, so make sure any decorations are suitable for at least whichever you will have in your tank. Another factor to consider is price. Buying on the Internet lets you find cheap decorations and product sales quickly, and if there is a particular ornament you like, you can do comparison shopping to find the most inexpensive place to purchase it.

When you find a decoration you want, read consumer reviews to see how it has done in other fish tanks. If people report negative reactions from their fish, it’s probably better to stay away, no matter how much of a discount the store is offering. When reading reviews, be sure to note any specifics that might have had an effect on the outcome such as how big the tank was, whether it was a freshwater or saltwater tank, and what kinds of fish were kept in it. If a decoration has glowing reviews when used in tanks similar to yours, chances are good it will work for yours as well.

As long as the fish are happy and healthy with the aquarium ornaments you buy, you have done your job as a fishkeeper. Beyond that, it is only your design sensibilities as a budding aquarist that you must satisfy.

Aquarium Decorations ideas & Ornaments for Breathtaking Aquarium Designs

Given the endless possibilities you have now, decorating your fish tank should be easy, fun and entertaining. We all enjoy admiring an uniquely-themed fish tanks with superb tropical fishes. If you’re like most fish tank hobbyists, you’ve at an endless number of ornaments, you’ve read the available aquarium decorations reviews, you’ve subscribed to the most popular aquarium magazines, and you’ve probably talked with other beginner/advanced tropical fish hobbyists about the theme & ornaments they use. Still, you may be having a hard time getting started. It’s all right, there’s no rush! There are so many aquarium decorations to choose from these days. Finding the ornaments that will best represent your personal style and design preference should be easy enough.

Considering you’re just starting out with this hobby, think about the following aspects when decorating your aquarium:

  • Choose your fish before you buy the tank and the ornaments

Do your own research first about the fish you are about to buy and check their requirements (water conditions, fish tank size, temperature, compatibility with other species, etc). Afterwards, you should be able to approximately determine the optimal tank size and the required equipment (heater, air pumps, filters, automatic feeder, tubing, dividers, etc).

  • Choose your tank size wisely

Make your purchase based on your fish needs and don’t forget to check if you have a location in your house that can accommodate the weight, length and depth of the aquarium. When you think you’re done, double check the fish tank sizes, price and location with your wife. You could end up (re)visiting the National Aquarium in a jiffy =]

  • Themed aquarium décor Vs. random ornaments in your tank

Usually when your fish tank is way too small to host a whole themed décor or when you simply prefer a lot of open water instead of a very filled space, you can choose to buy only a few small fish tank ornaments just to keep things simple. For example, my very first 5 gallon fish tank had black sand bottom, 2 randomly-placed small (fake) plastic aquarium plants and a tiny fluorescent light lamp above it. The so-called inhabitants were 8 happy green neon tetras.

On the other hand, if size isn’t a problem and you can afford to buy and maintain a larger fish tank, you’ll have plenty of space for both your equipment and a greater variety of aquarium decorations to try. Depending on your preferences and the location in your home that will accommodate the fish tank, you can have fun experimenting with unique decorative themes, colors and styles.

Some of the most popular aquarium themes that you’ll find are the pirate decor, exotic environments, natural themes, cartoon decor, Egyptian desert decor, etc. If you’re creative enough you can create your own visual theme from the thousands of aquarium ornaments you’ll find online. Please don’t forget to send us a picture of your aquarium at the end to inspire others and exchange ideas. It should be mega fun =)

  • Fake (manufactured) or Natural (organic) aquarium decorations?


  • The thousands of fish tank ornaments you have.

Gone are the days when aquarium supplies were mostly only available at the local pet stores, and you could only choose from just a few ornaments. Today there are hundreds of online stores that are offering a wide range of fish tank ornaments and supplies with same-day order processing and shipping.